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John Huffman embodies the enduring spirit of the Lone Star State: rugged individualism, profound faith in God, family values and traditions, unyielding protection of our liberties, and limiting government to preserve the freedoms that deliver growth, prosperity, and a more secure future for all Americans.

Proven Results for North Texas

A native Texan, small business owner, and proud homeschool dad, John and his wife Elizabeth made their home in North Texas in 2008 and John quickly became a dedicated servant of his community and our beloved state. As a member of the city council and later as the Mayor of Southlake, Texas, John relentlessly pushed for tax rate cuts that reduced what homeowners and businesses pay in property taxes. Delivering balanced budgets while improving services has been a hallmark of John’s leadership in North Texas and something sorely missing from the halls of Congress.

A Fighter to Stop the Growth and Power of Government

Prior to starting his own business, John worked as an attorney in private practice where he helped clients fight the massive new regulatory burdens established by unelected bureaucrats who were overseeing the deployment of Obamacare. It was during this time John saw first-hand how a tyrannical, statist government could do profound harm to businesses and entrepreneurial efforts that have been the bedrock of opportunity for America. He understood Obamacare was about one thing only, consolidating power in the federal government and driving statist mandates down the throats of hardworking Americans. From this experience, John knows Congress must re-assert itself over the vast administrative state to force them to operate only within the bounds that Congress allows.

Our champion against radical, Leftist ideology and indoctrination

When radical Leftists worked to take over the Southlake Carroll ISD and force indoctrination on kids and families, John stood tall, fought back, and helped defeat their Marxist programs from taking hold in North Texas. Relentlessly attacked by national media and threatened by a weaponized federal government, John refused to back down because he knew the future of our children and our freedoms were at stake. In 2020, as a founding donor of Southlake Families, he helped support conservative candidates for school board who defeated the Leftists and removed radical faculty and administrators from their positions. This effort became the model for other communities to follow to stop radical and destructive indoctrination in American public schools.